2022/11 Stable Diffusion Discord POW 挑戰獲勝作品

2022/11 Stable Diffusion Discord POW Challenge Winner

POW Challenge 是 Stable Diffusion 官方,在 Discord 群組舉辦的每週競賽,每週會有特定主題,讓大家投稿分享自己的題目,透過眾人投票,票選出本週最佳作品,獲得最佳作品的創作者(扭蛋師),將可以得到 Dream Studio 的 credit 額度,以及其他贏家專屬服務。

加入 Stable Diffusion Discord:https://discord.gg/stablediffusion

WEEK #6- 1st Place- Time Capsule Memories: https://tinyurl.com/34brrs3u

Childhood days without TV and smartphone? Yes, we had very good and harmonic times sitting together on the floor, listening to detective stories, fairy tales, and children's songs.

WEEK #7- 1st Place- Abstralities

WEEK #8- 1st Place- The Never-Ending Loop

Creation and Chaos